January 7, 2015

You’re a fantastic coach!!! I’m no longer fearful of the Teleprompter!!! Now that’s an accomplishment!”

-Anna Bella Michelino


“Hi Brandhyze, I wanted to send you a little update since taking your Advanced Hosting Class. Kim and I have teamed up and started filming/co-hosting our own lifestyle show on YouTube called Trekking the TriState!  We’ve both seen such improvements in confidents and improv abilities which has helped us in auditions over the last few months.”

-Katherine Ernst


“Thank you for the casting info, I hope you are as  fabulous as ever!! My name is Kendra, I was in your workshop in the summer of 2013, and it was truly a blessing to have attended. I respect your body of work, and you have such an amazing energy about you….I thank you for helping come out of my shell. I have since founded my multimedia brand, Kall Her Ken TV that spotlights Dancehall Reggae and Caribbean music and culture. It’s been going really well, and I’m preparing my hosting reel to send out to networks! “

— Kendra Dennis


“Thanks Brandhyze for teleprompter practice! I know this was a reason I booked [the job] because the client said many came in not being comfortable with it and she was so happy I was!”

— Janel Koloski


 “Brandhyze, I had such a phenomenal time in your hosting class! This class reaffirmed my love for hosting and being on-camera.  Every single Monday, I was pumped to go to class! Thank you so much for all the lessons and resources you provided us.  you were always so supportive and sweet.  I can’t thank you enough for being part of my crazy journey in riding a career I love and fulfilling my dreams.”

— Eddie Garcia 


“You are such an inspiration.  I admire your drive and your humility.  Thank you for being relatable and teaching the class with experise and care….I have leaned a great deal from you.  And indeed you deserve a great big THANK YOU!”

— Shaw Bernard


“I just need to express my gratitude for the work and knowledge and overall comprehensiveness of the workshop you put together- AWESOME & GENUINE!!!  I just wanted to say thank you for such a strong introduction and overview of Hosting. I am slightly overwhelmed and definitely inspired by all the possibilities to express and self promote and share myself with others on so many different platforms. You raised the bar and consequently I am asking myself some really important questions and gaining much needed perspective on avenues to be pursued in our business.

Watching you has just been great! You’re warm, firey and friendly and I look forward to everything from your ‘look’  or ‘lucky find’ to dream debuts with friends or colleagues or motivational forums that I am sure keep all the young ladies intrigued and up-to-date with your current affairs. You truly know how to empower yourself as an artist and it’s been wonderful to experience your journey and be witness to your many extraordinary talents.

May you continue to be blessed and prosperous in all your endeavors. I take pleasure in learning from you and look forward to future collaborations.”

–Jowharah Jones

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