January 7, 2015


You have the script right in front of you — easy peasy, right? Unfortunately, not. It takes a special skill to really utilize a teleprompter with ease. If you aren’t able to really capture it you unfortunately won’t snag the job, be perceived as an expert, make a real connection with your audience (a must for a host) or be seen as genuine and credible. Here you’ll learn how to tackle some of the biggest challenges in honing the skills needed for TelePrompTer reading, like: Sounding like you’re reading, becoming eye-locked, and appearing expressionless!

Learn & Master:

  • The “7 Rules to Using the Teleprompter ”.
  • Read Without Sounding Like You Are.
  • Make the words your “own”.
  • Learn difference between Conversational vs. Presentational Delivery.
  • Learn Basic Technical Aspects.
  • Work on Facial Expressions, Cadence, & Timing.
  • Work With Long Format Scripts, Corporate Video, and Hosting Scripts

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